Send Me Your Tracks

This page invites you to send me tracks on which you’d like to add drumset or percussion.

I have an excellent recording set up at home with high quality mics, a very good sounding room and an up-to-date digital recording platform. I am a bit on the obsessive side for quality sound, so rest assured the tracks will sound good and better than good. My arsenal of drums and percussion is vast. Let me just say that I have 25 snare drums to choose from as well as six different drumkits.

On top of that, as you will hear below, I have a huge collection of world percussion instruments from the Brazilian, Cuban, Mid Eastern, North and South Indian music traditions. The way it works is that you send me the tracks of music you would like drumset or percussion on. We’ll talk about what you have in mind for groove and instrumentation and the vibe you are going for. I’ll then record on to the tracks and send them back to you.

If we need to try something different, we’ll do so until you are happy with the tracks. I will include below examples that I have recorded on a variety of percussion instruments in a variety of styles: rock, funk, jazz, Cuban, Brazilian, New Age and more.

Email: [email protected]

Home: 831 685 9999

iPhone: 831 239 5575