Make Music Live

I am very proud to have completed with my friends and musical compadres the first series of concerts for MakeMusicLIVE! Please check out the link below to learn more about this project. I’m very hopeful that this project will strike a note with my friends and family and the public at large and that this will lead to the support needed to keep the project going forward. I’m asking everyone I know to consider subscribing to this series for a meager amount of $5/mo. or $60/yr. This small sum will get you the right to view 16 concerts over the course of a year. You can view the concerts live for free but if you want to access the concerts at a later date the subscription fee will give you that access to view at your hearts desire. Please consider supporting as much as you can given the value you might receive. All donations through the “Donate Button” shown below are tax deductible thanks to Fractured Atlas my umbrella non profit. Thanks for your help. Please go to to learn more and please consider subscribing as well.

Make Music Live Mission

Make Music LIVE! is a livestreaming concert series that embraces multicultural traditions outside of the mainstream American Pop/Rock format. Currently there are four concerts in each series:

-North Indian Classical
-World Fusion ~Creative music from all areas of the world including North America
-Sacred Sounds ~Music that embraces the worlds wisdom and healing traditions. Think, kirtan, gospel, Gnawa, Tibetan, Rumi etc.
-Jazz- “Americas Classical Music”. Embracing the wide open tradition of Jazz from swing to bebop to avant garde and everything in between.

Making Music LIVE is a livestreaming music series for a locally seated audience and an international internet audience featuring many greater Bay area musicians. This music series is intended to attract a local, national and international audience. The series will consistently involve Bay Area musicians and will include artists from around the world whom live in the Bay area or are passing through. The performances will mostly be recorded in Monterey, Ca. at Wavestreetstudios. By having their music presented over the internet to a potential audience of thousands of people this approach will potentially give artists much greater exposure than what they might reach through individual performances in clubs, house concerts, and festivals. This audience may then choose to support the artists and the series by subscribing to a ‘specialty channel’ dedicated to this project, purchasing music online, going to the artists website or going to hear them perform live. At the end of the performance the artists will also have a quality recording and video of their performance that they can use to promote themselves.

Please go to to learn more and please consider subscribing as well.