CD Production

Producing music in the studio setting is one of my favorite musical endeavors. The inherent challenge of producing an album of refined and yet spontaneous music that captures the very best of the ensemble can be equal parts music and psychology. Creating a sonically rich and beautiful CD is the goal which involves choosing repertoire, working out arrangements and then assembling the best musicians to bring the music to life.  The following are some of the CD’s I have produced and some others i have co produced and played on.



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“The whole package has a pristine feel and encapsulates these vintage songs with a quartet of superior musicians who have risen to the challenge to provide a trademark jazz set.”
          ~~~ EuroClubdeJazz review by Wes Gillespie, June 2004



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Barbara Adamson
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Production review:


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Ellen Hoffman
unreleased with Mark Murphy
Tassajara Trio
First meeting


Helcio Milito

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Tassajara Trio

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Jesse Hiatt & The Ashiki Band

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